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Hola❤  Today I'm gonna blog about current fashion #ootd. Of course, #sotd = Shini's Outfits of That Day❤  I guess most of you know Korean Fashion is been a trend now since last year ago. And the brand #Stylenanda is most of the girl's current favourite clothing brand. On the other hand, I think #floral print and bralet is trendy too.  

Today I will blog about an online shop review too. Have you guys heard of @Becky's Booth ??  Becky's Booth is an online shop which is based on Penang and Johor as well. Yup, they are so busy flying here and there. =D  One thing that I like about their shop is the owner actually treat you as her friend. She will discuss with you which clothes or accessories are suitable for you and she will provide some suggestion of the sizes. For instance, most of my close friends knew I have a big butt, so normally when sponsors wanna sponsor me some pants, I will rejected them. Not because I dislike the pants or something else, it's just because I'm afraid I can't fit in. ='(  When the owner BB wanna sponsor me pants, I was worried. But eventually I chosen an stylenanda inspired oversized denim shorts, which the size I chosen is M size. And guess what, it fit me well. Well, it even has a little bit loose. I'm so happy you know? Because normally I wear L size for the pants(told you my butt is huge =.=''').

Of course, their prices are reasonable. You can find some of their attractive clothes are actually cheaper than other online shop(no offence).  So let's take a look of the outfits shall we ??

#1  Ta-da!!  Here's my outfits. Can't wait to wearing them. ^^

#2  Awww....Owner sent me a lovely note card 

#3  Oh yes~  Here is the oversized denim shorts!!  Fit me well right? XD  Oh ya~ It included a plain black belt for free too. It's is high waist btw. =)

#4  So this is how I match those 2 outfits together. #Floral Bralet with Stylenanda Inspired Oversized Denim Shorts

#5  Or you can just match the floral bralet with a short pants like I do. =D

#6  Another suggestion would be the monotone matching, you can just match the oversized denim shorts with black & white crop tee. ^.~V

DETAILS for @Becky's Booth :

Hola  Just finished my #Cyberlaw paper and now still left 2 more papers to go. Hope everything will be well and smooth. So, today post is about an invited event that I attended on last month which is – Johnnie Walker Presents MiNT 4th Anniversary Party❤  Oh ya! This post is having giveaway session too, so remember don't missed it.  =D

I'm feel really glad and thanks for the invitation I have met some new friends and really having fun there with them. You guys knew I’m a very talkative person and I like to meet new friends all the time because social is important for me. =)

Before my friend @Kee Hang fetch me, I was watching some Korean inspired make-up video on YouTube because I have no idea what make-up concept should I use. Luckily once I done the make-up, I received a call from him saying he reached my house’s downstairs.(Because I keep spend time on watching those make-up video XD).

#1  How was it? The contact lens that I'm wearing looks like pink colour but actually it is hazel brown colour.

#2  Hope you guys will love it=)

In case some new readers don't know, #SOTD = Shini's Outfits of that day. =)

#3  That day theme colour is 'GOLD', I don't have any gold colour dress so I just match my outfits with gold heels, gold necklace and gold bracelet. ;)

#4  While on the way to the party.

#5  Ta-da!  This is @Kee Hang, I don't know whether he purposely choose this colour to match with me or what, because both of us so colourful. XD

Mint Magazine is 4 years old now!! So of course they need to celebrate their 4th years anniversary. Congrats and happy belated birthday for them. The event is held by Johnnie Walkers and venue is at @Club Neverland.

#7  The party venue was at @Club Neverland.


#9  Photobooth with the Johnnie Walker girls.

#10  Me with the #Dr. Martens's shoes. Their design was fantastic 




#14  Thanks for #Johnnie Walker for the free drinks.


#16  Some performance by the artists.

#17  Hosts of that night.

#18  They have some fashion contest too.




#22  Some lucky draw contest for giveaway those gifts from the sponsors.


#24  After the event finished, we stay there for half an hour more then we went to supper. =)

#25  Get this picture from ther Mint's facebook page.

#26  Group photo. ^^


#28 Once again, Happy Belated Birthday for you Mint

Wanna know what's in my goodies bag? Let's find out now shall we?  ^_^Y

#29  Are you ready ??  =)

#30  Mint Magazine of course.

#31  Johnnie Walker's ice ball mould.

#32  2 wax from UBER-MEN

#33  2 boxes of #Shea Butter nutrifull skin care kit from Etude House.

#34  RM50 cash voucher from Unity Store.

#35  Oops~ That's all =)

Yay!!  Is #giveaway moment again. Can you guess what I'm gonna give you guys for free this time? Answer revealed as follows :

Oh yeah! I will be giving a box of skin care kit from Etude House for free and also RM50 cash voucher from Unity Store as well. Fyi, the cash voucher didn't state any expired date, so that means you can use it anytime. =)

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Good Luck y'all sweeties

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