1 October 2012

Hello October @Paradigm Mall ♡

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Hola peepo and Hello October♥  I guess everyone knew I finally finish my FINAL if you're in my facebook's friend lists or you liked my page.  Feel so excited cause next semester onward would be my FINAL YEAR! Finally become a final year student. *old old me*  Yippee♥  I'm currently at my Home-sweet-home (IPOH), so if you're at Ipoh faster date me now!   O(≧▽≦♥)O

So actually this post should be blog before my final started, but unfortunately I even don't have the sufficient to study, so I don't have the extra time for blogging.  ='(

So the weeks before my final started, Ah Zai and me meet up. Actually we plan to go @Pavilion, but I'm the one who always visit pavilion(Pavilion kaki), feel quite boring sometime. So we decided headed to @Paradigm mall since I never went there before. Feel so happy when met him cause we already din't meet up for a long time although both of us at KL. But unfortunately he's studying in Inti while I'm studying in MMU.  >,<

Paradigm Mall's Moment :

#1.  You might notice my face so puffy and pale due to the incoming exam.  >,<

  #2.  Hopefully won't make you runaway because of my pale face.  =P

#3.  Ah Zai is my 7 years++ friend, so I just simply make-up.  XD

#4.  Having our brunch at @Watami


#6.  Cheese Ball (Craving for cheese now when blogging this =9 )

#7.  My meals

#8.  My tempura set

#9.  Japanese Fried Tofu

#10.  Ah Zai's meals

#11.  Unagi

After finish our brunch, we went to shopping !!  Actually not 'we', he's the one who accompany me to shop.↖(^▽^)↗  Spend about 300++ bucks in 1 hour and headed to cinema to watched - The Possession

#12.  Seriously it's nice to watch. Although it's not scary at al, but I like the sound effect.  ^ 3 ^

After that we plan to take dinner outside at the mall.  He suggest we take our dinner at @Puchong. So we headed to @叶全, Puchong.

#13.  They are famous with the @Bak Ku Teh. (At first I saw the signboard I asked my friends is it opened by Ip man's brother XD )

#14.  The DRY Bak Ku Teh

#15.  Harvest for that day.

Okie dokie.  Gonna off to take my lunch. If you had read my previous post, remember to download the NuffnangX apps and follow me (http://www.nuffnangx.com/blog/FhR222B) to keep track with my blog update and follow my Instagram - @shinilola for more daily update.  Tata

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