3 September 2012

TSUYA TSUYA - Magic Nail Buff♡ (DIY Pedicure)


Bonjour everyone❤  Sorry for turning my bloggie into dusty blog again. Really can't manage the time for blogging.  ╮(╯3╰)╭  Final is just around the corner, I'm having 7 subjects for the Degree Year 2 last semester, but still haven't start to touch the notes yet.  ↖(@ω@)↗

Need to be start to do revision after I finished the quiz on this coming Wednesday.  =)  So, back to the topic~  I guess ladies and womens always take good care of their hair, face, skin, eyes part and so on.  But did you really take good care of your nails?  I don't think so.  If you're the one who always polish and colour your nails like me, then it's good for you to check out this post.   ↖(^ω^)↗ 

Feel wanna go for pedicure by some expert but need to save cost? By checking this post, you can DIY pedicure by your own.  ^^  So now, let me introduce the TSUYA TSUYA - Magic Nail Buff♡  Let's allow the pictures to tell you the story❤  ^^

TSUYA TSUYA - Magic Nail Buff's Moment :

#1.  Ta-da!  This is the tools that we gonna use in order to polish our nails.  ^^

#2.  This is the TSUYA TSUYA - Magic Nail Buff.

#4.  There are some instructions and descriptions on the back side.

#5.  Use this to scrub your nails.

#6.  As you can see, this blue colour molecule is for scrubbing.

#7.  There are ONLY 2 SIMPLE STEPS : First, you need to use the colour surface to rub your nails.

#8.  And then, use the white colour surface to rub your nails.

#9.  Last but not least, apply this to strengthen your nails.  =)

#10.  And ta-da!  This is the outcome❤  You can see my nails is shinning & blink blink.  ↖(^ω^)↗ 


1.  The TSUYA TSUYA - Magic Nail Buff you can find it at WATSON. It's about RM12.90 (if I'm not mistaken)  ^_^'''

2.  Remember to rub it gently, just use a little bit of force then your nails will shine.

3.  The scrub polish you can find it at ETUDE HOUSE.

4.  The strengthen polish you can find it at THE FACE SHOP

That's all for today.  Any inquiry just pm me @ShiNi LoLa II on facebook and you may follow me @shinilola on Instagram too❤  ↖(^ω^)↗

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