14 September 2012

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Hola peepo FINALLY !!  I finished all of my quizzes, midterm test, assignments and presentations.  But, my Final is start on next coming week.   But it's ok. I'm already prepare for the final, come kill me final exam !   ↖(^▽^♥)↗  LOL~  Study until insane already.  Okie dokie, gonna cut all the crap and back to the topic.  Are you guyz hungry now?  Cause if you are, then you should take a look at this post, because it's FULL with those 'delicious' pictures.  ^^

So for every year Merdeka Day, I always spend with my friends and family at Ipoh.  Except for this year, because Daddy and Mammy purposely come kl to visit me♥  O(≧▽≦♥)O  So of course we are staying hotel because they had overnight at kl.  Normally the hotel that we chosen is the Cititel Hotel, which is located at the Midvalley.  But this time, Daddy said wanna try some other hotel.  So the hotel of that day is - Prince Hotel.  So now let's give the pictures tell you the story♥  =)

Merdeka Day's Moment (Selca) :

#1  #motd - Mature Style. =)





Prince Hotel Moment :

#8  Ta-da!  This is the public washroom.  I like the place is cover with many pieces of mirror. Just like those scenes in the horror movies.  XD

#9  Public washroom also need to put Chinese vase as decoration.  >,<

#10  Me me me!!  You can see behind my back got many shadow of mine!  =D


#12  My eyes big is HUGE!!  Arigato to MMU for giving many assignments and tests....


#14  #ootd.  at the hotel room.  =)


#16  The washroom in our room.


After we check-in and move in out luggage, then we head to Pavilion to meet with my sister and brother in-law.  Quite near for us to go to visit cause it is just opposite our hotel.  =)

When we reach there, we can't make decision about what should be take for our brunch.  So we choose the restaurant that we frequently visit - Ristorante Italiano Capricciosa

#18  We always visit this restaurant for our brunch and dinner.  What's so special about their foods is the Chief is actually a Japanese.  But he can cook very well on the Italian dishes.  =) 

#19  The surrounding.



#22  Their services are NICE^^

#23  Guess what is it?  It's actually the first hand-drawn menus by Chef Honda.  (O.o)  Seriously, I really impress him, cause I was wondering how he solve when he had wrong writing?  That time liquid paper haven't  exist yet, so means he need to re-writing again?

#24  My favourite of all - #Salmon Spaghetti






Overall we like to visit this place because their foods and services are GREAT.  If you wanna have a try, here is the DETAILS.  =)


Lot 1.52.00, Level 1, Pavilion KL Shopping Mall, 168, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 2141 0517
Opening times: Open daily, 10am-10pm

My aunt join us during the half-way.  They prefer Japanese foods.  So we accompany them to take their brunch at - Tokyo Don.  =)
#31  My tired face.
#32  Kappa-maki and Salmon sushi.  Doesn't take other pictures cause we keep non-stop talking.  =D

As some of the readers knew, me and my family are the Tokyo Street's 'kaki' cause we always been there.  ^-^  So of course we visit our favourite store again

#33  Our favourite dessert in Tokyo Street
#34  There are many variety. ^^
#35  I miss it so BADLY when I'm blogging about this.  ='(
#36  For those readers which hasn't try that before. It's actually what we called 'mochi'.  The outer layer is mochi but the inner layer is ice-cream.  If you ask me which flavour is my favourite, I will choose the Dark choc, Cream choc and Blueberry cream.  Seriously I dislike the Mango flavour.  But it's depends on own preference of course.  =) 

#37  Another dessert would be Planet Popcorn.  
#38  Never heard of it too?  It's actually popcorn obviously.  But what so special about this popcorn?  Let's check out the picture below.
#39  Ta-da!  The uniqueness of this brand of popcorn is the different kinds of flavour apply on the popcorn.  You can see the flavours on the menu. "We are more than what you think"  =D
#40  You can try those flavours on set.
#41  This is its packaging.  You can even sent it as a gift for your friends. 

We shop for awhile, then we went back to our hotel to take a rest.  And mammy help me to capture some photos :
#42  Surprise!  I uploaded this photos on my facebook and many friends are saying my mammy got the talent to capture photo. LOL~  She will be so happy to heard that.  =)
#43  Another one.
#44  The photographer and the Mochi Sweet.  We bought the 12 units of the mochiRM48.  XD
#45  Another selca.  Love this picture personally.  ↖(^▽^♥)↗
Comment for the Hotel :  As you guyz knew, Prince Hotel is consider to be the 5 stars hotel.  The environment is ok for me.  What I don't like is their services!  Their reception services is damn SUCK!  Check-in and check out need to spend about 20++ minutes.  Not effective at all.  And for the room.  We heard many different kind of 'weird' noises in the middle of the night. (if you got what I means).  Overall, we won't choose this hotel anymore. If you want us to compare, I think Cititel (3 star hotel) is better than it!

The next day, we went to midvalley to take our brunch. Again, one of the favourite restaurant - Dragon-i.
#47  My meals - #Pork Chop and Potato
#48  My 'Tong Shui'
#50  #Fried Carrot Cake
#52  The popular '#Siu Long Bao'

Well well, that's all for today.  Gonna off to have a shower. kthxbye

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