9 June 2012

Little Twin Stars By Sophie Monk❤ (Beauty Post)


Hola peepo❤  It's time to introduce some new mask for you guyz.  ^^  Last week while I hang out with sisters, we went to Watson searching for the latest version of mask.  Then I found this - Little Twin Stars By Sophie Monk❤   I blogged about it before, in case you missed it, you can try to take a look at here - http://shiniharumi.blogspot.com/2011/08/bubble-pop-sophie-monk-beauty.html  So how it's look like?  Let the picture do the talking :

(So cute right?  ^^)
#It come with a pinky box
#In case you don't know, it also have the Sanio License,
which is the company who own the Hello Kitty. Because the
Little Twin Stars is the characters of Kiki Lala from Sanio.  =)
#5 pieces in a box
#Apply it for 20 minutes.

Feedback from me :

1. The most disadvantage of it is the layer it too thin. So when you apply it, you need to be very becareful. For someone's nails are long (like me) the layer is easily to be tear by the nails.  =)

2.  I love the design. It's cute and pinky. Even after you finish all the mask, you can still keep the box.

3.  There are many different kind of functions, the one that I had chosen is for whitening. And its essence does make my skin work.  =)

So that's all for today. Hope you guyz enjoy my post.  =)

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