29 June 2012

Hand Gloves Pomegranate❤ (Beauty Post)


Hola peepo❤  I know some of the female readers are waiting for the beauty posts cause I had received several email from some sweet readers.  =)  So here you go guyz~  Today imma blog about hand mask that will make your hands turn smooth, white and moisture❤  ^^

Tada ----> Hand Gloves Pomegranate from Sasa :

#The one on the left.
(The right one I just tried on last night, not effective as the left one) 


#Tear it on the top.
#When you open it, you'll see there are two gloves which are stick together.
#Tear it apart.
#Wearing the gloves.
(My friends said I'm doing some kind of surgery =D )
#Tips : Using some clip to clip the glove, so that our hands can absorb more essence. 

- Wait for 15-20 minutes.
- Pull out the gloves.
- Massage your hands with the essence.

Then it's DONE. =)

Here are some DETAILS of the Hand Gloves Pomegranate❤ :

1.  This hand mask consist of the TWO types : Pomegranate and Peach.  You can choose either one, both outcome is the same actually.  

2.  The price of the mask is RM7.90 for each. Sometime there having promotion you might get even cheaper. =)

3.  You can get it from Sasa.  Not sure about other shop.

4.  For advise, you can use this hand mask for once or twice in a week. Please don't expect the outcome will be great if you're used it for 1 time only. Beauty need to be maintain.  =)

For any inquiry, please pm me on facebook @ShiNi LoLa II or email me. 

(Any photo-shooting, freelance modelling commercial event, blog advertising please email to : shini_harumi_kun@hotmail.com♥) =)

That's all for today. Hope you guyz enjoy my post.  Love ya

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