14 May 2012

❤ Deoxidizer Warm Pack (Girls must read)


Yuhoo❤  Holiday mode to the MAX!  Yup, my final exam is finally END.  What should I say, I really HATE short semester, everything feel so rush.  >,<  Okay, cut all the crap. This post is specially for girls or womens, so if you're a guy and you are reading this post, I'm afraid that this post might no suitable for you. ^_^'''

Well well, I guess all of the ladies are having menstrual pain every month right?  Well, who doesn't?  Normally what girls will do when having the menstrual pain?

#Took pain killer?

Okay. It might works for you to reduce the pain. But it's just for temporary. How about you get pain again on the next few hours or the next day? You can't just keep swallow those pill. Do you know these pain killer is not good for your health if you took with large amount? Even some doctor said, you should take it while you really are in pain, or else, try not to take it.

#Doing nothing, suffer to the MAX

Another action will be staying at your room, doing nothing, but emo and feel the suffer. Yes, I'm the person like this before cause I'm not willing to take any pill even though I'm in pain.  ='(

But guess what?  Now, you can reduce or even prevent the menstrual pain during the period. That's is Deoxidizer Warm Pack❤  


Well, how do it works? It actually like Salonpas. It contains medicine inside it. So when you stick it on the part of your body (normally that part that we feel pain, underneath the stomach). It will adsorb the pain, and make you feel comfortable. Wonder how to use it?  Here's the tutorial :

#It actually contains a few steps/
#First, open up the packet.
#The side full of Japanese words is the sticky side.
#Tear it.
#This is the sticky side, as you can the side is more darker tone because of the medicine.
#Stick it on your pants or shirt.
P/S : Please don't stick it directly on your skin, because this pack will warm you up.


#And when just put down your shirt, no one can see it. So you won't feel embarrassing.^^

And how is the result?  It's AWESOME❤  From now on, I no need to take pain killer, no need to suffer the pain. I'm even using it every month! So when I hang out with friends, I no need to carry with that 'emo face' with me.   ^-^

Wanna grab one? Contact me because I'm selling it by my own. Please read the following for more information.  =)

DETAILS of the Deoxidizer Warm Pack :

1.  This warm pack is for external use, so don't worry for the side effect.(I had tried by my own many times)

2.  Remember don't stick it directly on your skin, stick it on your clothes.

3.  Each piece lasting for 24 hours, can use for 1 time only.

4.  Try not to use on outdoor, indoor is better.

5.  Each piece is RM10.

6.  Discount : Buy 5 free 1 / Buy 10 free 2 / Buy 20 free 4 and FREE POSTAGE.

7.  You can buy a large amount of it for once, so you can keep it or use it every month like I do.  =)

8.  It's READY STOCK. After you make the payment, you will receive it within 1-3 working day.

9. Stocks are LIMITED. Please grab it while stock last.

For more information, please visit its album http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.224518464326183.44657.189498304494866&type=1 or visit our business page Vintage de Beauty  Thank you and Love ya

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