❤ WANNA HAVE A SEXY LIPS? *then check this out*

19 September 2011

*HOLA PIPO*  SUPER DUPER SORRY FOR ALL MY LOVELY READERS❤  just finished my first paper today morning & still have 6 remaining~  =]  so hopefully i can do well for the rest of the papers~ ^^

so today post's is about how to make sexy lips❤  some sweetie ask me why i like to camwhore my lips? it's due to i like to take care my lips always~ i always apply lip ice & Vaseline during class & before sleep~ and yet, i always use lips-gloss in every outing~ =]  you know, some sweetie they like to take care or make a gorgeous, sey lips, but they're lack of time to make it~ so,  imma share some easy method to complete a sexy lips~  ^^

first, you will need a pinkly or reddish colour lips-stick :

[BRAND : ZA (you can choosen any brand you want ) ]
[COLOUR : CANDY PINK (try to choose pinkly or reddish colour ) ]

next, after apply the lips-stick, you need to apply the lips-gloss :

[BRAND : MAJORLICA MAJORCA (choose any of your favourable brand) ]
[COLOUR : SOFTY PINK (try to choose bright, soft colour) ]

P/S : please don't try to choose heavy colour for lips-gloss, cause it might turn out un-natural & exaggerated outcome 

so here are some before & after picha :


with these easy way to apply on your lips, you can just simply having a glamorous,sexy lips! especially when you dating or hang out with your lover, for sure your boyfriend will be LOVE IT❤  lastly, hope you guyz will love my post & don't forget to CLICK on my advertisement ya~ okie dokie, that's it for today~ XOXO  ^^

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