21 August 2011


*HOLA PIPO*  it's time for blogging!  TONS OF SORRY for the late update again! >.<  this post will show ya why~ currently at ipoh now, so the internet speed is DAMN SMOOTH~ unlike my the other home at KL, internet speed SLOW like SNAIL!  >.<  therefore i decided to blog today~  =]

so today post is actually describe my FORMAL LOOK in my presentation~ this semester IDK why there are HEAPS OF PRESENTATION!  total got 8! now 4 already down, still left 4 remaining ~ >.<  ish~~~~ now already week 12, but we still haven't finish our presentation, stupid lecturer arrangement~ =(  here are some formal look's pic that imma share

FINAL is coming soon! gonna GAMBATEH for myself~ ^^  SAYONARA^^

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