10 August 2011


*KNOCK KNOCK*  anybody here? i do hope some visitors are keep tracking my blog always ^^  so basically today is just a shorty post~ just finish 1 assignment, therefore decided to blog~  =] 

so generally today imma share a beauty brand of facial mask for you guyz : SOPHIE MONK

[i had tried the pink & blue]
[the ambassador - MAKIYO]

hmm....look familiar? yup, i introduced this before on previous post~ that moment i had tried the pinkish one~ and now i had tried the blue one~  the outcome is good and that's why i recommend for you guyz~  =]  besides, this mask is unique because of its design~ you can see that with the picture above right? you can hang the mask with your ears~ so that your mask can fit in with your face structure ~ which is also means that your face can adsorb more essence~ ^^  THE BEST PART since the outcome is nice, so i plan to try others colours as well~  ^.^V  

fyi, you can get this at WATSON~ about the price, i forgotten~ but i think the price is affordable ~ =]

Lastly, imma share a song that i know it since last month : HYUNA - BUBBLE POP

if you feel unhappy or emo, try to listen to this song~ it can make you feel better or cheer you up~ well, at least it work for me~  =]  HEART YOU ALL

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