4 July 2011


*KNOCK KNOCK*  TREMENDOUS APOLOGIZE again!! standard once again, didn't update mua blog about 4 days!  >.<  SUPER DUPER SORRY guyz❤  recently got heaps of thingy need to be done & next week onward got mid-term, quiz, lab test & assignments of 7 SUBJECTS!!  ish~~~~  >.<

so today this post is basically a mask that i recommend for you guyz, cause i thought it's NICE & UNIQUE!  plus, it's most suitable for teenager girl like us ^_^V  cause some of us are having a DARK UGLY ELBOW!!  like me~  =(

usually all the mask we used are mostly for facial, eyes, nose, neck part right? but this mask is focus on our ELBOW~ fyi, you can find this at ETUDE HOUSE~

now, let me briefly explain how do apply this elbow mask ya~  =]  so actually this mask consist of 2 part~ at first, we need to focus on this small part first (left) :

[tear it apart]
[and rub it on your elbow]
[rub all around your elbow]
[then, use the other part (right) ]
[when opened it, you'll see a "flower" shape mask]
[it consist of 2 "flower mask"]
[tear the plastic]
[and stick in on your elbow]
[and just wait about 15 mins is enough]


it's so easy right guyz? go grab it at ETUDE HOUSE now~ ^^  oh ya! just bought a KAWAII THINGY from my sweetie CHANWON❤  love it damn muchie! so feel wanna share here:

guess what is it guyz? yup, it's a cutie contact lens case~ i bought 2 of it~ ^.^

[love them! especially this pair baby-blue & pink]
[it zoom out my contact lens, KAWAII neh ^^]

okie dokie~ imma end here~ later still need to hang out & attend a meeting~ see ya guyz

P/S : STAY TUNED with mua blog ya, photo-shooting post gonna post here VERY SOON

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