26 May 2011

❤ D.R.I.V.E

*KNOCK KNOCK* hey y'all~ yup, it's blogging time again~  ^^  so this is just a SHORTY post~ cause later on imma hang out with my buddy~ gonna blogging tomorrow again~ so STAY TUNED ya guyz~  ^^

so recently i keep practicing my driving skills~ *TRUST me, my driving skills is SUCK!*  >.<
i know right~ that's why i still in progress~ imma improving my driving skills~ ^_^'''
my daddy keep SCOLDING me that i should take my car to KL long time ago~ but my mummy is not allowed, she's afraid i'll bang my car all the time at KL~  XD

so here are some photo that i taken when i'm practicing~

[my driving look  XD]

oh ya! i found this in my cornflake box~ KAWAII neh

LUCKY! cause what i got is my fav colour- PINKand i got a K~ still left H,E,L,L,O,I,T,T,Y~  ^^  

OKIE DOKIE~ gonna stop here~ imma hang out with buddy now~ TATA~ 
remember STAY TUNED ya guyz~  *SING K SESSION* post tomorrow~  =]

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