16 May 2011

❤ 16.05.2011

HEY Y'AL GUYZ HELL YEAH! is me again~  ^^ have you guyz notice that i already change the front? yup! i purposely changed it cause i think this front will be more obvious & clear to view or read~ so hopefully mua LOVELY READER  are loving it❤  =]

so, although exam is FINALLY OVER ! but i'm still kinda busy~ *in my schedule* gonna plan to movie & shopping with buddy~ and maybe plan my schedule for the photo-shoot~ but i will be back to ipoh on end of this week, so please be patient my IPOH BUDDIES~  ^^

recently my money just like 'WATER'~ keep flow & flow~ imma USE LESS & SAVE MORE!! *but you know, it's HARD for a shopaholic like me*  (x.x)  I'm gonna buy lotsa things after i get my money back! ><  but i'm a person who dislike just simply take money from parents, i rather save money by my own. Therefore, i need a part-time job SO BADLY!! if you guyz need a part-timer, you guyz can contact MY FACEBOOK ~

mostly i need a online job~ cause i'm a SUPER DUPER BUSY university student~ and yet, i'm taking 7 subjects on next semester~ so i will be damn busy all the time~ ><  oh ya!  but if is photo-shooting job, i probably change arrange time for ya~ cause it's a one day job~ =]

okie dokie~ time to end here~ gonna polish my nails & do some nail art~ =P  OOPS! and do nose mask too~ ><  HASTA LA VISTA❤  ^.^

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