OOPS! already pass like 2 days ago ? 

SORRY, cause that day i'm BUSY ~

don't have time for blogging ~

so i just blog for now ~  ^^

speaking about that day(HARI HAJI)....

how you guyz spend your day ?

hang out with family / friends ?

or just seating at home to play your computer games ?

for me, i spend whole day with my college friends ~

that day we woke up about 12pm something ~

we were TOO SLEEPY !

cause that day before we were out for YUM CHA ->

[our YUM CHA'S look  XD]

please ignore my CHILDISH look ~

but that night quite happy cause chanwon's friends said....

i'm looks like 18 or below ~

LOL ~~~~

FORGIVE me! i'm OLD enough ~  XD

back to the topic ~

that day we decided went to TIMES SQUARE & SG.WANG ~

[outfits for that day]


 [that day's MAKE-UP]

just SIMPLE make-up ~

before we out, chanwon & me camwhore again ~  XD   


TOTALLY in love with chanwon's camera !

hmm...seem like i always in love with friend's camera ~  XD

after camwhore awhile, we went out for SHOPPING !

because we were HUNGRY like HELL in car ~

so we decided take our breakfast on the way ->


HELL YEAH! milo for breakfast~  XD

after we reach times square ~

we take our lunch 1st ~

take some Japanese meals as lunch ~

taste is very SUCK !!  >.<

then we take a walk ~

it's been a long time i din go to times square & sg wang ~

cause i'm fans of pavilion & midvalley ~  ^_^'''

x'mas is COMING SOON !

times square is CROWD of people !

oh ya! imma show the x'mas decoration of times square ->

[me & the SNOWMAN]

WOO~ many couple taking beautiful picture at there ~

TOO BAD my hubby is at SINGAPORE ~

if not sure take A LOT of picture with him ~  =(

just bought a dress & a cap at times square->

 [YEAH! finally found my cap]

 feel wanna buy a pair of sandal ~

but can't find my type ~  >.<

maybe next time ~

then we went to sg.wang ~

chanwon & me bought some wonderful underwear ~  XD

those kind of underwear like Japanese AV type ~

full of LACE & SEXY !!

LOL ~~~~  XD

 *SHY SHY*  o^_^o

we left like about 8pm something ~

we take our dinner at SK ~

then we went to Japanese 100Yen shop ->

there are many KAWAII stuff ~

i just bought a hairband ->


next time when i'm doing facial mask....

it's USEFUL for me ~  =)

okie dokie ~

that's all for today ~  ^^




my blog is full of DUST !!

so that's why i update post today ~

so visitor, please don't RUNAWAY !!

keep support me❤  =]

why recently my blog is dusty ??

it's because these few days i keep busy with my academic stuff ~

oh ya !!

did i mention i already change to University ??

okie dokie ~  here is it ~

i'm no longer studying at UCTI now ~

so i'm not an APIIT gal anymore ->


currently i'm studying at MULTIMEDIA UNIVERSITY (MMU) ~

   which is located at CYBERJAYA ~

last sunday, my parents fetch me to cyberjaya there ~

cause i need to move to my new accommodation ~

daddy bought me some furniture ->

[REDKY wardrobe] 


the wardrobe's so CONVENIENT ~

it's right side can put a lot of regular thing ~  =]

next is a yellow chair ->


i LOVE the shape ~

actually the colour that i wanna choose is red & blue ~

but it's out of stock ~

just left yellow colour....

so i force to choose yellow ~  >.<

the colour remind me of DIGI ~

of course, i bring along my HELLO KITTY cupboard too ->

  [my messy bed]

 mummy & daddy help me to clean up the room ~

then we go take lunch together ~

daddy order many things to eat ~

especially chinese boiled soup ~

cause he know i'll seldom drink soup at cyberia ~  >.<

then, we back to cyberia again ~

priscelia, her bf, chanwon & her bf show up ~

they came to clean the room too ~

   after awhile, mummy & daddy back to ipoh ~

then 5 of us clean up the whole room ~

then we go out to by some stuff & take our dinner ~

when we take our dinner....

it's about 10 o'clock something....

so i just eat a bit only ~

after that, we went to chanwon's house ~

cause that day imma overnight at her house ~

i sleep about 1am something ~

need to sleep early, cause the next day....

i need to wake up at 6.45am ~  =(

the next day, chanwon wake me up in early morning ~

[morning UGLY face =( ] 

that day is my first day to school ~

so very excited ~

MMU area is HUGE for me ~

i'm really afraid i'll be LOST !!

so i keep asking chanwon where is my class ~

which building, which floor etc ~

[that day's outfits]


 quite casual isn't it ??  ^^

[i LOVE the ribbon DAMN MUCH ^.^]

on the 1st day, i thought i can't make any friends ~

but i'm NOT !!

i make a few friends there ~

although no many, but at least i do right ?

after i attended those classes ~

just realize that the quality & standard of education....

is HUGE different compare to college ~

so i need to work harder !!

plus, next following week got quiz & mid-term test ~

i really should STUDY HARD FROM NOW ON !!  >.<


wish me luck ya guyz❤  ^^

oh ya !!

let me introduce my....

friends + sister + roommate + schoolmate = PRISCELIA ->


 or she can consider my 'FUTURE COUSIN' ~  XD

currently i'm living a master room with her ~

  because she's DAMN SKINNY !

so i have a lot of space here ~
LOL ~~~~

ok then, that's all for today ~

still wanna do MACROECONOMICS tutorial question ~

TATA ❤  ^^

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