hey bloggie buddy ~
for more infomation for you guyz....
i'm here to inform you that i have a FAN PAGE & a TWITTER account ~
this my FAN PAGE's link ❤FAN PAGE❤
this is my TWITTER's link ❤TWITTER❤
for the twitter account ~
i just opened it on last week ~
i'm so sorry that i been such o…
i wanna! i wanna !

for those close friends of mine....
they knew i always in LOVE with all of those horror, murder, ghost movies ~
RESIDENT EVIL is my favourite ZOMBIE movie ~
part 1,2,3 i already watch it long time ago ~
now part 4 is coming....
this time the …
imma cut my fringe later ~
will cut it back to shape ~
the shape which like my old fringe ~
kinda dislike my current fringe....
cause it make me looks very FATTY !
hope after i cut it, my face look will back to normal ~  >.<
i always into straight hairstyle ~
although many girl friends told me to tr…
people always said, if you wanna a healthy lifestyle ~
you need to do more exercises & drink sufficient water ~
but do you think that's enough ?
i don't think so ~
you are still need to eat more fruits ~
 ❤ fruits contains fiber ~
it's a mineral which can help you digest toxic in your stom…

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