hey bloggie buddy ~

for more infomation for you guyz....

i'm here to inform you that i have a FAN PAGE & a TWITTER account ~

this my FAN PAGE's link

this is my TWITTER's link

for the twitter account ~

i just opened it on last week ~

i'm so sorry that i been such outdated ~  >.<'''

if you guyz already join my fan page or follow my twitter ~

much appreciate & THANK YOU

if you guyz haven't....

join now ya ~

thanks for the support

i wanna! i wanna !


for those close friends of mine....

they knew i always in LOVE with all of those horror, murder, ghost movies ~

RESIDENT EVIL is my favourite ZOMBIE movie ~

part 1,2,3 i already watch it long time ago ~

now part 4 is coming....

this time the movie even got in 3D ~

i definitely will watch it in 3D !!

actually i wanna watch it with HUBBY ~

but i don't know when hubby is free to come back to m'sia ~

sobz sobz ~~~~ T_____T

so i think i better choose buddy to accompany me ~

still thinking....

who should i called ????  XD

imma cut my fringe later ~

will cut it back to shape ~

the shape which like my old fringe ~

kinda dislike my current fringe....

cause it make me looks very FATTY !

hope after i cut it, my face look will back to normal ~  >.<

i always into straight hairstyle ~

although many girl friends told me to try on curl hairstyle ~

i'm more into like this --->


i know right ~  =]

just that my face doesn't match with this kind of short fringe ~

that's why i cut it out ~

among all the artist....

 the hairstyle that i always admire is....


 [i love her DOLL look]  

although she's a young mummy now ~

but her look & hairstyle still are awesome ~

no matter she change what hairstyle....

also suitable for her ~

DAMN ENVY neh ~~~~

i hope my hair can be like her ~

at last....

does she really GLAMOROUS !?  XD

people always said, if you wanna a healthy lifestyle ~

you need to do more exercises & drink sufficient water ~

but do you think that's enough ?

i don't think so ~

you are still need to eat more fruits ~

fruits contains fiber ~

it's a mineral which can help you digest toxic in your stomach ~

and let it out of your body ~

 for my opinion, among all of the fruits....

i'm prefer to choose RED APPLE ~

but, you guyz can choose other kind of fruits ~

but, remember don't choose durian, rambutan, lychee ~

cause these type of fruits will only make your healthy more worst ~

you can eat them seldom, but not regularly ~

you an eat them every day ~

for an example, each day each apple ~


then, you'll have sufficient fiber to make you more healthy ~

beside of fruits, you guyz should eat more vegetables too ~

it contains of fiber too ~

but remember don't poor too much oil on the vegetables ya ~

salad is the BEST choice to chosen ~  =]

nowadays, many consumer also choose for healthy foods ~

it's a trend for currently ~

therefore, you guyz should try it too ~  ^.^

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