23 May 2018


A bridal bouquet is more than just a beautiful floral arrangement that the bride carries as she walk down the aisle. When you ask your wedding florist to give you the most elegant and sophisticated flower, this includes the bridal bouquet.

The florist such as Little Flower Hut gives so much time to create a wonderful design for this significant hand bouquet not just to have a beautiful accessory but because of these reasons why brides carry a bridal bouquet :

Traditionally, brides carry a flower bouquet not because of the stunning floral design but because of its scent. This belief was dated since 15th Century wherein people take hot bath in the month of May and the stinky smell of the bath remained in their body until June, which was the only month for weddings. To mask off the stinky smell, brides carried a sweet-scented flower arrangement.

Another belief pertaining to brides carrying a bouquet was linked to old custom that a bouquet made of highly pungent herbs ward off any evil spirits. The bridal bouquets that brides carried those days were ones with garlic and chives, spices, and dills.

Meaning and Symbolism
Instead of a flower arrangement, brides carry a floral garland made of edible flowers like dills, marigold, and other herbs. These edible blooms are natural aphrodisiacs. The bride and groom need to eat the leaves and blooms from the garland on their wedding day.

The wedding florist knows that the reason why brides carry bouquets on wedding day is because of romance. They make a statement of love through the flowers they carry. However, it was the groom who chooses a special bouquet for the bride, sending it to her to send a romantic message on wedding day.

Brides nowadays carry bouquets to express style and fashion. The florist delivery of the entire wedding flowers includes the bouquets which are arranged by the florists based on wedding theme and style. Brides choose a special design using their favorite flower to show off individuality and personality through the flowers for the bridal bouquet.
Whether traditional or in tuned with romance, choosing to carry a bridal bouquet makes the wedding ceremony more romantic and complete. The perfect wedding flowers completes the wonderful event and makes the day more unforgettable.


  1. wahhh...seronoknya bila membaca tentang butik pengantin ini....bonda dari dulu lagi memang suka koleksi baju-baju pengantin dan apa-apa yang berkaitan dengan pengantin

  2. Wow, I did not know about the reason why bridal bouquets existed, now I do. I always thought that these bouquets bring a touch of colour to a white wedding.

  3. Lovely write up on the bouquets...from.about the arrangement,style and till traditional beliefs. I learn some new factsk how its done in the 15th century and certain customs.. Interesting write up!

  4. Now I know the meaning of bouquet flowers. Interesting one and no wonder people take it kinda serious on the fleet thingy. Something to learn today...

  5. For me, it does look beautiful... Now I know more reasons of why brides carry one..haha


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