24 January 2014

Outings | Garage 51 ❤

Hola peepo❤  After a few post about mobile apps, #OOTD, vacation, giveaway and blah blah blah....finally it's about #food post again!! Yummy yummy~ I'm actually craving for their foods and beverages while I'm blogging about it. So are you guys ready?  *wink*

Flurry Rose Top from @Sassy Belle Wardrobe // Short Pants from @MNG // Bag from @Burberry BLUE LABEL // Platform from @huiicloset.

Before we begin, sorry for putting some selfie photo. ^.~


#2  On the way to take our brunch. ^^

#3  Make-up of that day.

#4  Feeling nyappy because that day is a good hair day

#5  Girl's mood always turn good once it's a good hair day.  ;)

#6  Finally we reached there. Fall in love with their wall right?  =D



#9  The waiter told us to seat outside because they don't want us standing just to waiting them to call our name on the list.

#10  As it's long queuing, so once you reached there, make sure you put your name on the list or else other person might take our place. =)



#13  Finally we can seat down inside!!




#17  Did you know that they actually won the "Best Place for Coffee in 2013"??  ^_^

#18  Some comment from the media.



#21  Boyfie's meal. The special part of their meals is the hash-brown is home-made. =)

#22  My hot chocolate.

#23  I'm so happy and excited to see the love shape coffee art on my hot chocolate. It's not just looks nice but it taste good as well ^^

#24  My salmon & mushroom.

#25  Boyfie order this Oreo Cheesecake, he love it but for me just so-so only. =X


#27  Boyfie's Ice Cappuccino.

#28  Capturing this photo at beside their shop. ^^


Overall I think it's worth to visit here. For the foods, I think is okay but compare to other breakfast or western cuisine, it's not really the best. =)  But I do fall in love with their hot chocolate, it's really nice. Their coffee I'm not sure because I didn't really taste it. But I like their decoration and the wall art. If you wanna have a lil chit chat with your buddy, you might consider Garage 51. ^^

❤  Address : 51, Jalan PJS 11/9, Bandar Sunway, P
❤  Tel : 03 5612 5618
❤  Opening Hours : Tue-Sun, 11am-11pm

We went to @Pavilion after that, their Chinese New Year decoration is really pretty. So here are some photos of it.

#31  Mad love this photo captured by boyfie because I looks like 170cm here. LOL

Then, we went to @Dome Cafe for our high tea session. As some of you guys knew, I'm a huge fans of Dome, whenever I think about a place for high tea, I always go for Dome. ^^V  I also blogged about it before here > http://www.shinilola.com/2013/07/foodies-of-month.html


#33  Ice tea.

#34  Sausage, scramble egg and toast.

#35  Wild mushroom soup 

That's all for today. I will blog about some beauty care on the next few post. So please remember STAY TUNED at my blog ya.  ;)


  1. WOW, nice place and the waitress so kind ask you to sit, instead of stand and wait, the environment looks good too! :)

  2. Love your hair!!!


    1. Thank you sweetie, that day was a good hair day though XD


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