2 May 2013 Hokkaido, Japan


Ohaiyogozaimas❤  Already promised you guys will blog about my @Hokkaido, Japan Trip - Day 2, so here you go~❤   \(≧▽≦♥)/ (Lazy to detail the journey, so I will let the pictures tell you the stories)  =D

Hokkaido | 北海道 :

Since I was a kid, I always watch those show at Astro which introduce those delicious seafood and beautiful environment at @Hokkaido. I never thought that I would have the opportunity to visit there. Even I'm blogging about this and I already miss this there, I'm missing the foods, the citizen's attitude, the environment, the weather and also everything.  WAKAKA~  XD

#1.  While on the way fly to @Hokkaido from @Tokyo.  =)

#2.  When almost reach Hokkaido, we already started to spot the snowflake❤  Frankly, this is the first time I spot the 'real' snowflake (normally I saw the 'fake' one like in @Genting)  and it is really beautiful and attractive.  ^^ 

#3.  Oh yeah~ The weather had changed !! It turns from cold and wet weather to snowing.

#4.  As you guys knew when we started feel cold, we will hungry. Luckily we still having #Bento set to solve the problem.  =)


#6.  YIPPEE~  Finally I reached @Hokkaido !!  You can spot the whole place is covered by snow

#7.  At the airport.

#8.  As you can see I'm wearing the fur coat since outside is start snowing.




#12.  Mammy and I.




#16.  You can see snow is everywhere, I'm super duper excited because I never touch the 'real' snow !!


#18.  The snow is so soft, but when you squeeze it into a ball shape. It turn hard.  =D

#19.  While on the way to the @Ninja House | 忍者屋.





#24.  Reached the @Ninja House.



As everyone knew Ninja's origin is from JAPAN. Therefore, this ninja house is consist of their living culture, their training methods, and of course their performance.  =)

#27.  One of the ninja and us.



#30.  @Ninja street.






#36.  Their living culture.



#39.  @The Ninja's Labyrinth.  (but actually it was so easy, we didn't lost in there.  =D)




#43.  They believe this cat is their lucky charm. (Sorry for the blur photo  >,<)


#45.  @Monster House | 妖怪屋.



#48.  Hello one-eye uncle. ^^

#49.  Grab something to eat when we are hungry.

#50.  @Azuki | 红豆丸子.

#51.  Nom nom~  OYISHI~

#52.  Photo with one of the ninja before the show started.



#54.  We went to @地狱谷 after that. The toilet there is so cute. ^^

#55.  One tips for you all if you plan to travel to Japan. Their ice-cream is super duper delicious !! No matter what flavour of their ice-cream you will love it. If you are a milk lover, then you definitely in love with their soft ice-cream. ^^

#56.  Reached the hotel of the day.  Taken at outside the hotel. (I skipped the dinner part)  ^_^'''


#58.  Hotel of the day. We almost stay at different hotel everyday due travel around the place. =)

#59.  Sorry about the messy place. We all are so tired due to the long distance flight. =)


#61.  Wearing kimono as sleep wear. =)



For more photo, please visit my photo album :

That's all for today~  Hope you guys enjoy my post and I will blog about the remaining day at @Hokkaido once I'm free. CHU~  \(≧▽≦♥)/

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  1. Wow so nice! I never see real snow before :(

    1. Yup, I never see the real snow before until I travel to @Hokkaido. You should visit there if have chance. ^^


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