17 February 2013 Hokkaido, Japan


Konbawa guyz♥  I have been complained by some sweeties because they were asking why I haven't blog about my Hokkaido, Japan trip on last few months.  I'm so sorry babes cause I'm still arranging for those tons of photos. Since I can't manage to upload all of them here, I will just upload part of them to represent the whole stories of my Japan trip.

YES!! Japan was my 7th visited countries. Feel so glad it become one of my visited countries since it's expensive to travel there.  I guess you guyz knew I was visited Japan too on last 2 years right?  I have been oversea every year with my friend an family, and the reason why we chosen went to Japan again is because it's really WORTH to visit there.  TRUST ME. I guess everyone who been there will be suggest you to travel there. Another reason would be last 2 years we visited Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka. This time we visited Hokkaido, which there are differences between the famous foods, culture, weather, places and etc. Talk about the weather, this time is Winter Season  which means Hokkaido is snowing (who does not like snowing right?)

So on the first day would be the most tiring day, because most of them we were seated in the plane.

Last day at Malaysia, @KLIA :

#1.  Bubye Malaysia and Hi to Japan.

#2.  Older sis and me.


#4.  Younger sis and me.

#5.  Taking Burger King and Starbucks as our dinner before fly to Japan.






#11.  3 sisters.

#12.  WOOHOO! Can you see our plane? Taking MAS fight as usual.  =)

#13.  My pure face, I even din apply make-up. XD






#19.  YAHOO!  Bubye Malaysia!!

#20.  Our supper.




#24.  Watching Real Steel on that night, ATOM is cute. ^^

That night we overnight in the plane since we need to take about 7 hours to fly to Japan. That's all for my Japan Trip - Day 1.  Wish to know more? Read my travelogue as below. For more holiday ideas to enjoy all year round in Hokkaido, read this HotelsCombined's blog on Where to Stay in Hokkaido: The Ultimate Seasonal Travel Guide.

Journey for My Hokkaido Trip : 
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[ Hokkaido @ Japan Trip Part 1 ]

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