13 July 2011

❤ 13072011 | MY LIFE

YUHOO❤  i'm back guyz! this is just a SHORTY post cause i'm having a high fever since last night so i need time to take a rest~  =(  anyway, hope you guyz can feel my SPIRIT!  *i blog even i'm sick*  XD  just kidding~  so, here are some thingy that happened in my life now~  joy~~~~

Tutti Frutti is opened at CYBERJAYA~ the 1st & 2nd day they having 50% discount~ so went there with friends & HUBBY boyfie


[newie mask, it's from JAPAN & nice to use]

[finally got them from photographer, will upload here soon]

oh ya! in case you guyz forgot, tomorrow is my BIG DAY aka BIRTHDAY❤  so will very busy on tomorrow~ ^^  TATA

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