22 December 2010


yeah! my 1st vlog!

i guess you guyz already knew what it that right ?  =]

and i FINALLY made one !

in case you guyz haven't watch it yet ~

here you go  ->

sorry ya guyz ~

i wanna  post the vlog here ~

but an error occurred while uploading ~  >.<

so i can't uploaded the vlog here ~  =(

hope you guyz won't mind ya ~

and sorry for the voice such low volume ~

cause my TOSHIBA lappy is low volume ~

and i'm so CUPID !

i don't know how to edit the voice ~

plus, that moment i'm in sore throat situation ~

more worst !  >.<

but hope you guyz do enjoy ya ~  =]

by the way, last week....

MMU come with a BUBBLE TEA stall ~

not a stall exactly ~

but is a lorry stall  ->

i wanna drink it !

but unfortunately, i having menstrual pain ~

GOD DAMN IT !  >.<

so i din bought it ~

but my friends NICOLE did  ->

her bubble tea is mocha flavour ~

it's in blended style ~

my menstrual pain is OVER now !

but the lorry stall din appear on this few days ~

SAD ~~~~  =[

i'll wait for ya UNCLE !!  ^.^

another thing is....

my friends said i looks good in tied my hair up ->

so recently in LOVE with tied my hair to school ~

okay~ it's time to end here ~

cause im having a mid-term exam on tomorrow night ~

so i need to do revision now ~

and, i need to do facial mask after this ~

i wanna my BABY SKIN back !  ^^

CHAOZ ~~~~


  1. dun worry... the bubble tea uncle sure come back 1.. so hope u dun have menstrual pain at that time..

  2. hehe~ hope so loh~
    that time we buy again ya~ ^^


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