22 March 2017


Have you noticed lately you get asked for your PIN whenever you shop with your card? A PIN is now required for all card payments in Malaysia and this payment system is widely practiced abroad. Luckily I had my PIN enabled as soon the bank sent me a PIN-enabled payment card and informed me of the industry-wide migration from signature to PIN last year so I shop with no worries.

For the uninitiated, PIN & PAY is a secure method of payment that uses a PIN or a 6-digit secret code instead of signature to authorise payment.

As per Bank Negara Malaysia’s mandate, all banks have switched their payment cards from Chip & Sign to Chip & PIN since June 2016 and have embarked on a massive industry-wide campaign to communicate this to their customers.

PIN has been the standard for verifying customers for all card purchases at domestic points of sale since January 1st, 2017.

So, if you haven't enabled your PIN, you might want to spend a few minutes doing it online or at an ATM.

Here's how to use your PIN-enabled card :

1. Just hand it to the cashier who will swipe or insert it in the terminal
2. At the prompt, key in your PIN or 6-digit secret code
3. Press enter and you're done!


If you are travelling soon and need your payment cards sorted, just call up or visit your local bank, enable your PINs and enjoy smooth, hassle-free payments on your trip!

Some of you might put off enabling your PINs due to your busy schedules but surely you'd want the security of a payment card that works in unforeseen circumstances or situations where the purchase amount is large or when you have absolutely NO CASH in your purse or wallet...!

After 1 July 2017, you will no longer be able to use your payment card at domestic points of sale, if you do not know your PIN (unless you are using Visa payWave which is applicable only for purchases below RM250) so enable your PIN today!

*The views expressed here are my own and do not represent views of Visa and associated companies.*

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