2 March 2016 Singapore


Hello  Today post is about #food. Not just a random food post but about Korean dessert which most of the girl fall in love with it. Yes, today I would like to introduce you guys a 24 hours Nunsongyee Korean Dessert Cafe in Singapore.

My friend brought me to this cafe during my last business trip to Singapore. When we are meet up, it's already about 11pm. He said yum cha too mainstream, maybe we can go for dessert? Then I was wondering, which dessert cafe will still open at this hour? Well, you might thinking some dessert cafe in KL is open until midnight. But guess what, my last visit is on weekday. Not just open until midnight, it is open 24 hours! These photos are all taken by my iPhone6 so the photo quality might be not good as my camera one.

Nunsongyee Korean Dessert Cafe is a cafe which serving Korean dessert such as Korean Bingsu, and Korean Toast. They have a few branches and the one I had visit are the Bugis branch. By the time we reach there, it was already 11.30pm but still lots of people are queuing for it! Probably is because all the teenagers and young adults are "night ghost"(always come out at midnight) LOL

Since ground floor already fulled so we take a seat at first floor. Luckily first floor still have some empty table or else we need to wait for so long.

Snowing | Nunsongyee Korean Dessert Cafe @ Singapore
 Do you know what so special about this cafe? No just serving delicious bingsu, they even have "snow" in the house! Yes, you can see the photo on the left are showing the fake snow are being produced by the air-con above. The snow will become more and more. The photo shown on the right are the snow / ice.

Me with the snow | Nunsongyee Korean Dessert Cafe @ Singapore
Since the snow is in the special room, they also allow customers to enter and take photo. This is me with the snow. You can see the snow rise up so fast. Frankly, it's not soft like the real snow. It's just like ice. But it's cold though, the room temperature inside the room is low as well. I guess it is because just to prevent the ice melt so fast.

You are require to order at the counter(ground floor) and pay first. After that, they will pass you the vibrator. You will know your order is ready when the vibrator is vibrating.

Since we are going to eat dessert so heavy sweet beverages like chocolate, smoothies or anything is big no for us. We all knew for sure we will feel thirsty after finished the dessert.

Orea Bingsu | Nunsongyee Korean Dessert Cafe @ Singapore
 Both of us are not those "too sweet" dessert fans so we ordered an Oreo Bingsu. It served with Vanilla ice-cream on the top and lots of oreo crush. It's not so sweet at all so I guess it's a good thing since both of us don't like sweet dessert.

Close up of the Oreo Bingsu. I told my friend the ice looks like coconut flakes in the photo. LOL~ Well, it does right?

They also provide milk for us. Since I don't consume so I didn't take it. My friend pour the milk and mix the bingsu together, he said it taste better. You may try that.

NUNSONGYEE 눈송이 Bugis ]

534 North Bridge Road, Singapore 188749.

+65 9712 1122

Opening Hours
Daily | 24 hours



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