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Konichiwa peepo♥  Recently keep receiving email from lovely reader saying that they are requesting nail art tutorial since it's quite a period I didn't blog about any nail art tutorial here. Therefore, I had decided to open a new section called "#SNA".  It's to represent Shini's Nail Art. I will be blog more about the nail art and hopefully you guyz will enjoy it. ヽ(≧▽≦♥)ノ

YES !!  Today post would be a nail art tutorial and the title is called "Starry Night". I guess most of you will be familiar with this words because starry night was a trend since last year. =)  So let get started

#SNA - Shini's Nail Art (Starry Night)❤ :

#1.  The outcome will be like this.  =)



#Vlog for this tutorial :

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Hello guyz♥  How you guyz doing?  It's time to update mua bloggie again.  ^^  *Tick Tok Tick Tok*  Time pass so fast, I have been internship more than 1 months++. Still left 2 months++ more to go and would be my last semester (final year) of my Bachelor.  ^.^V

So today post is about a random outing with my babyboy♥  Last few months ago, he brought me to @Kinta Riverfront.


#1.  Dress from F-block, BLUE LABEL Burberry Bag from Japan


Sweet Moment :



#5.  The reason why he's here because he join us dinner with my family.  =)

#Kinta Rivefront :

#6.  Like the colourful moment??  =D

#7.  It's almost like @I-City.  





#12.  Having our dessert at @Haagen Dazs





#17.  Overall this place quite nice.  =)

#18.  us♥  

#19.  Spot LOVE shape traffic light while we are on the way back home

#Vlog for this post :

Kinta Riverfront Hotel

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안녕하세요♥  Are you fans of K-Pop? Or fans of BIG BANG / G-DRAGON?? Or even like to collect caps??? Then you shouldn't miss this post !!  =)

YES!!  I'm currently selling GIYONGCHY caps now. I'm sure you are familiar with this brand if you're fans of G-dragon. There are 2 colours are available : Pink Strap | Apple Green Strap. So please inform me which colour you would like to choose when you're place your order.  ^^  Please remember this is pre-order which means you have to wait about 9-12 days. And as usual, buy more discount will be given.  =D










Please PM me (@Shini Lola II) on facebook if you're interested♥  ^3^

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Konichiwa peeps♥  Since I blogged about the DIY Japanese Curry last time (http://shiniharumi.blogspot.com/2013/01/cinnamoroll-curry-cooking-post.html). Some of the sweeties email to ask me blog more about the DIY Japanese foods. Sometime when you're lazy to go out to have your meals but craving for delicious japanese foods, you can refer to this post as well.  O(*¯︶¯*)O  

So this time I will teach you guyz how to cook Miso Soup(味噌汤) It's actually one of my favourite japanese foods.  =)  As usual, you can search this product at  @Shojikiya.

DIY Miso Soup :

#1.  Ta-da!  I guess most of you knew what is the taste for this soup right? It kinda salty.  =)


#3.  Inside got 6 packet for total. 2 types of packet : Dry vegetables | The Miso sauce.

#4.  So all you need just boiled the water, and after it reach the boiling point, you just pour the dry veges and the miso sauce into the water.

#5.  And DONE !!

It actually taste quite nice but not salty enough for me. =D  Hope you guyz enjoy this post and don't forget to help me click on the nuffnang advetisement ya. Love ya

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