25 March 2012

❤ 25.3.12 *Movie Reviews*


Hi guys❤  Today post is just a shorty post cause later on need to manage my business page again~  =)  last few weeks, I went out with friends. We watched 2 movies separately. The first one is The Devil Inside  


Rating : 

Storyline :  Almost the same like Paranormal Activity. The whole movie is capture by a super duper 'active' camera, which is keep moving the camera.  But the storyline is like Exorcist . At first, a girl wanna to find out why her mother murdered 3 people few years ago, so she try to find some priest or exorcist to help her find the truth.

Comment : I'm sorry to say that, this movie is SUCK!  I don't wanna watch it at first, but later on I heard my friend said he feel crappy & scary after he watched this movie. If you guyz don't know, I'm super duper horror movies fans, so I thought this movie is the same effect like what he said. But at the end I'm so disappointed. Not because of the effect or storyline is boring, but the main problem is that motion of the camera make me sick!  I feel wanna puke while I'm watching it at the cinema.

Another movie is The Hunger Games


Rating : 

Character :  If you guyz had watched X-Men : First Class, you guyz should recognize the main character, Jennifer Lawrence.  Yes, the mystique girl.

#I had recognize her since I watch the trailer of The Hunger Games =)

Storyline :  Those rich or city people collect 24 player from different state to join the hunger games. The winner of the game will enjoy the wealth and many benefits, while the loser need to be dead. So this movie is about the process of the games and of course some story beside that.

Comment :  The outcome is quite nice. Just that the camera is sometime so shaking and the ending is too peace. I'm not really into peace ending for games like this. I know I'm so bad ass.  XD

Beside that, bought a pair of cool sneaker, it's in dalmation print. Love it muchie


Okie dokie. That's all for today~  Ciaoz~~~~  ^^

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