21 January 2011

YEAH ~~~~

at ipoh, i always like to YUM-CHA with my ipoh buddies ~
cause when we chit-chating & gossip is very FUN ~  =]

last night, i'm having yum cha session with my palz again ~

there were 6 of us ~  [pic above]

and so SORRY that i don't have the pic of one of us ~ >.<

i can't his pic on fb ~

and yeah ~  i'm the ONLY GAL among them ~

as you guyz known, i don't have much girl friends....

most of my friends are guyz ~  ><

plus, last night some girl friends are not free ~

last night just casual wear for yum cha ~

before hang out, camwhore for awhile  ->

do i looks like a KID here ?

yesterday i just came back from salon ~

and i already cut my fringe shorty ~

so i become a KID now ~  >.<

after camwhore, johnny come to fetch me ~

and we went to station 1 ~

when we reach there, someone already there ~

oops! we were LATE ~

we chit-chating, gossip, telling jokes....

about 11.30pm+, mummy start to call me & yelling at me....

to told me to go home ~

ISH !!!!  actually we wanna yum cha until midnight ~

but because of my mummy, our yum cha session need to end earlier ~

toke it when i reached home  ->

LOL ~~~~

LC emotion, i understand my mummy is worry about me ~

but can't mummy tell kakak to wait me until midnight ?

kakak always wanna sleep earlier ~  >.<


but i need to respect my mummy too ~

so i always receive her order ~


that's it !

gonna continue my revision....

and later on fetch my sis to tuition center ~


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