29 January 2011

yeah guyz ~

i make another vlog again !  ^^

this time is about SWEET VALENTINE

since CNY just around the corner....

so valentine day is  COMING TOO !  

that's why i decide to make a vlog ~

i already created an account at YOUTUBE

so here is the VLOG  ->

if you guyz can't load it, you may try this link  ->

or you guyz can access my FAN PAGE to check it out  ->

or you guyz can keep SUPPORT me ya^-^

oh ya !

remember last time my 1st vlog post....

that i mentioned that i can't insert the 1st vlog here ?

i've already upload it to my YOUTUBE too  ->

before imma end this post....

here are some pic that i taken before doing vlog  ->

CIAOZ ~~~~

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