❤MY LIFE IN [2011]

3 January 2011

YEAH~ it's 2011 now !!
WOO WOO~ no more 2010 !
okie dokie~ i know i should post this post earlier ~
but i don't have time for blogging ~
i'm still having a mid-term on this sat ~  T____T

this post is gonna longer !
cause i COMBINE what i'm doing last 3 days here ~
so SORRY if i waste your time to read it ~
i'll try to summarize it ~  =]

at first is NEW YEAR EVE
i purposely back to my hometown-ipoh to celebrate it ~
not actually celebrate it well ~
i just wanna STICK with my family ~ XD
as i always said, FAMILY is important for me ~ =]

once i reach my home....
i quickly so search for my lovely boots !
which bought by mummy at CHINA ~
and this is it  ->

NICE right ?
LOVE the HEELS neh  ^-^
and i just realize that i got such much of the boots  ->

oops! some of them i just wear about TWICE times only !  >.<'''
that day is NEW YEAR EVE ~
so must dressing well ~
but i forgot to bring my MAKE-UP bag back ~
so i just borrow my mummy's make-up bag ~

outfits for that day ~


that day dressing cost me about 1200+ bucks neh ~  XD
make-up for that day  ->

that day just simply make-up....
cause i din go somewhere SPECIAL to pass my new year ~  =]
and SPECIAL THANKS to my lovely friend ~
cause the FAKE eyelashes she gave me is so natural ~

[LAME! who will wear it below 6 years old >.<]

in LOVE with my NEW boots  ->

that night take dinner with my family at PASTA HOUSE  ->

then went to meet my dear SYLVIA ~
for yum cha session  ->


the NEXT day is the 1st day of 2011 ~
we take our dinner at daddy's friends restaurant  ~

i'm in LOVE with the legging !
which bought by mummy at CHINA ~
so nice neh ~~~~
can make my legs looks SLIMMER  ->

[bird-nest~ YUMMY~]
[shark-fin~  YUMMY too~]


the FINAL day ~
prepare to back to KL again  ->

seem like go to travel right ?
you can see it with my HUGE bag ~  XD
but before that, we went to ipoh parade ~
bought nothing but in ETUDE HOUSE  ->

the beauty passport got 1 sticker per 30 bucks ~
means i spend about 450++bucks on the masks ~  XD

finally apply the key-chain with my key ~
the key-chain bought it long time ago at SINGAPORE ~
but din use it ~  >.<

daddy said it's WONG FEI HONG key-chain ~
LOL ~~~~


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