5 January 2011


what's that ??

yeah, it's a COUNTRY actually ~

and the pic above is the FLAG of the country ~  =]

why i know about country it because....

a few week ago, a VISITOR  from this country visited my blog ->

but that moment i don't know anything about this country ~

please forgive me that i'm LACK of knowledge ~

that's why i GOOGLE it & i find out what is it ~  =]

it's a country which located at Southeast Asia ~

you guyz can FIND OUT at wikipedia too ~  =]

if you know anything about this country....

or you're from this country....

please comment under this post ~ ^^

let me know more about the culture of this country ya ~

btw, until now....

my blog just got 38 different countries pass through  ->

which is so LITTLE !!

one of my friends got 84 different countries !

ENVY ENVY a lot !  >.<

imma gain a lots of  VISITORS from different countries !

but not now neh ~

i will be SELDOM online for tomorrow & friday ~

cause i'm having my MACRO mid-term exam on this sat ~

so i wanna concentrate my revision ~  =]

so WISH MY LUCK ya guyz ~


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