26 January 2011

hey all facebook fans !

especially for girls, who would like to play fb games ~

pay attention for this post....

cause fb come out new game again ~  ^^

actually not so NEW ~

cause this game out quite long ago ~

just that i'm SUPER DUPER BUSY !

so i didn't have time to post here ~ ><


never heard of it ??

it consist of a mama coaching you to cook  ->

[meet MAMA  XD]

i play cooking mama since long time ago ~

i ever play it with my NDS  ->


i even ever play it with iphone ~

now, i can play it on fb  ->

i played cooking mama 1,2 & 3 ~

but the fb one seem a bit different ~

need to spend money & serve customer ~

thus, if you guyz got start to play this ~

please remember visit my kitchen ya ~  

cause i got no money here ~ ><

*remember CLICK on my advertisement too*

cause i got no money in reality too ~  =(

see ya

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