6 December 2010


what was that ?

well, for some people who haven't notice....

let me explain to you here ~  =]

watsons passport = watsons membership card ~

just the same like Bonus Link Card ~

you can earn points from the product you purchased ~

and change things with your points ~

if you collect higher points....

you can exchange with better product ~

it's released on last 2/3 months i guess ~

but some customers not enter to watsons frequently ~

thus, they might haven't notice yet ~

so, how do you get this watsons member card ?

it's EAST !

just went to the watsons shop which nearby your house ~

and take this ->

which its cover named by 'watsons passport' ~  

when you opened it, it contains....

member card(left) & purchase voucher(right)

you can either online register it....

or register manually ~

well, if you ask me about manually....

i don't know ~  ^_^'''

maybe they tell you to fill up the form or something else ~

cause i'm using online registration ~ 

how's the process ?

EASY again !

the passport have instruction there ~

so you can follow the steps ~  ^^

i suggest you use the online way ~

cause of this ->

yeah~ if you activate online....

you can earned extra 200 bonus point ~

besides, online is convenient for us right ?

it's fast & time consuming ~  =]

after you saw a page like this ->

then you consider DONE !

you can start using your watsons member card from now on !

oh ya !

don't forget about your gift voucher !

it's really useful for purchase product ~

how's useful that is ?

if you're a watsons fans like me....

you'll know it ~  =]

normally those gift voucher is valid until 31 march 2011 ~

think those voucher is less ?

not at all !

they're thicker that you think ->

the voucher consists of many brand ~

such as Liese, L'oreal, Vaseline etc ~

what're you waiting for ?

go get one NOW !  =]

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