9 December 2010

Sunday morning ~

ahem* what i means is last sunday ~  ^_^'''

i went back to ipoh on last week ~

and sunday....

is always my family day ~

i won't book or date anyone on sunday ~

cause i know family is important to me ~  =]

oh ya !

x'mas is just around the corner !

even when i opened my NDS....

it automatically change to x'mas theme ->

do you guyz already planing how to celebrate it ?

or already received x'mas present ?

for me, yup~ i already received one ~  ^^

my present ->

TA - DA !!

it's a laptop !

presented by lovely daddy ~  ^^

i purposely told daddy choose this colour ~


cause it looks snazzy right ?

LOL ~~~~

it's the current trend colour ~

nowadays many smart phones....

notebook, car etc also use modena red ~  =]

[side view]

[inside view]

back to the topic ~

last sunday, we went to ipoh parade again ~


boring ipoh ~ >.<

since when ipoh can having shopping complex like....

pavilion, midvalley etc ~

just bought a few things there ~

cause i already spend about 1000 bucks++ on last month !

WTF ! i need to save more money !  =(

bought a jeans pants ~

and went to watson buy something ->

since i'm having many voucher of  liese & member card ->

thus, i wanna buy LIESE's cocktail !

and finally i did !

thanks for my friends NICOLE ~

cause she gave me those voucher ~  ^^

oops! i also bought a saloncurl ->

well well, i just bought it for fun ~

cause i really don't know how to curl my hair ~

will ask those kind of professional friends ~  XD

and last but not least....

mummy bring me to do candling ~

hmm....for some people who don't know about it ~

i think if you saw the pic below, you'll understand ->

understand now right ?

this is called 'candling' ~

and this is the 1st time i do candling ~

feel so good & relax ~  XD

they even provide facial mask for you !

and their service is really good ~

i'll try the eyes treatment when i back to ipoh again ~ =]

even their dress is KAWAII !!

the dress got a RIBBON on the center ~

sorry for unclear pic ~

camera's problem ~  >.<

lastly, need to thanks once again to my lovely daddy ->

i really LOVE the laptop !


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