10 December 2010


few days ago, me & my younger sis hang out for movie ~

it seem like we haven't hang out together since 1000 years ago ~

LOL ~  just kidding ~

my tone always is exaggerate ~  ^_^'''

[outfits for that day]

SHOES - MUMMY [didn't bought any white shoes]*

i din capture any make-up look of mine....

cause SILLY me left my contact lens at KL ~  >.<

but i'm TOTALLY in love with my PINKY lips ->

of course, i'm the DRIVER of that day ~

we drove to JUSCO....

and bought the movie ticket 1st ~

then, we went to SASA ->

[bought some mask there]

my skin become very dark, dry, sensitive since i moved to cyber ~

so i need to bought  many mask & DO IT !

[need to do ALL OF THEM]

especially EYE MASK !

my dark eye circles is DARKER THAN PANDA !  >.<

after that, we went to take our lunch ~

and back to the cinema ~

we watched -RAPUNZEL-  ->

it was really NICE ~

funny, touching & excited ~

overall is nice to watched ~  =]

RAPUNZEL is so naive & cutie ->

LOVE her magic Blondie hair DAMN MUCHIES ~

after that, we went to VINCCI ~

cause i need a fine layer belt ->

then, we drove back home ~

din bought many stuff on that day ~

cause i try to CONTROL myself ~

i've been already spend 1000 bucks++ on last month ~

and i don't wanna be a SHOPAHOLIC ~

although some friends said me already consider is ~ ^_^'''

but i try to DON'T-WANNA-BE

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