4 December 2010

last 2 week, me & some friends attended the SBS NIGHT....

which organized by TARC COLLEGE ~

that day is Sunday ~

my friend fetch me to LYVIA house ~

and i went there to met CHANWON & LYVIA ~

we make-up for awhile then we went for a salon ~

to set ours hairstyle ~

this is the 1st time i experience the CURLY hairstyle ->


hmm....how was it ?

is this hairstyle suit me ?

i uploded this photo on facebook ~

some people said i looks MATURE !

the word which i HATE the most !  >.<

cause MATURE = OLD for me ~

sobz sobz ~~~~  =(

but luckily this curly hair just for temporary ~

otherwise i'll cry when people keep saying i'm mature ~

after that, we went back to Lyvia's house again....

to dress up ourself ~  =]

 [make-up for that day]

as you guyz known, i'm not familiar with FAKE eyelashes ~  

so that day chanwon help me to stick it on my eyes ->

 [hmm....not bad huh?]

that day i'm wearing NEWIE contact lens ~

TOTALLY in love with it !  XD

 [outfits for that day]

just a SIMPLE dinner dress ~  =]

   then, it's camwhore time !


after camwhoring, we take some meals 1st ~

cause we knew we din eat a lot at the prom night ~ 

then, PARTY TO THE USA !!!!

 [GUESS where am i?  XD] 

after we reach there, quite DISSAPOINTED for me !!

  cause i always heard many guyz said K-TARC got many pretty gal ~

 but i can't see even 1 at that night ~  >.<


but i guess those pretty gal might be din attend the prom night ~

i do hope they'll came ~  =]

after the clock strike 11....

we decided to 'YUM CHA' ~


for some supper + dessert ~  ^^

after that, friend fetch me back to cyberia ~

the next day, my curly hair become more straight ->

[i LOVE the curve like this] 

what i means is....

i DISLIKE too curly for my hair ~

cause it make me looks so mature ~

i'm prefer simple curve like this ~  =]

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