19 December 2010

HELL YEAH! finally i know how to curly my hair ~

and this is the 1st time i curly my hair by my own ~

i know the pic above is not the pro one ~

but i'm still in learning process ~

will be UPGRADE my curly skills ~  =]

okie dokie, back to the topic ~

today imma post about BEAUTY TIPS

P/S: i'm not a PRO !  

but i just SHARE what i know to you gyuyz ~

SHARING = CARING right guyz ?  ^^

just like my lovely mummy said....

a lady / women should always take care of their skin ~

i always remember that ~

plus, my skin is very BAD compare with you all ~

thus, i need EXTRA TAKE CARE of my skin !

here are some pic imma show ~

P/S :  don't be SHOCK cause those pic are PURE !

means no make-up & contact lens ~

1st of all, we need to do EYE MASK  ->

for you guyz, do once a week is sufficient ~

but for me, i have SERIOUS DARK EYE CIRCLES !

so i need to do TWICE a week !  =(

LOL ~~~~

CAMWHORE even doing eye mask ~

sorry for i'm giving 1 expression on my face ~

cause i'm doing mask, i can't give any other expression ~

so same to you guyz ~

remember don't do other expression ya ~  =]

and another thing is facial mask  ->

oops! i know right !

i looks UGLY in that situation ~

so in order to prevent you guyz get shock....

i better COVER my UGLY face  ->

that's much better right ?

do facial mask once a week is sufficient ~

and remember don't do facial mask more than 30 mins !

if not the mask will absorb the essence on your face ~

at last but not least....

remember when doing facial mask....

don't let your fringe STICK with your forehead !

or else, you'll get PIMPLES easily !

ENJOY ~~~~

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