24 November 2010

i'm so MOODY now !!

cause just now i take my management mid-term test....

it's so HARD !!!!

imma DEAD soon !

all of the questions are so DIFFICULT !

and seem so UNRELATED !

all is about case studies....

and you can't find the answer from notes & the case studies ~

you must use your common sense to answer the question ~

WAIT! you thought it's EASY ?

IT'S NOT! the scenario is about Russia's shipment stuff ~

temperature control, stolen carco security ~

you see the title now ?

seem not related right ?

have you ever experience it ?

if you're NOT, then how you expect i answered it well ~ 

sobz sobz ~~~~~  T________T

University's standard really HUGE DIFFERENT with college ~

compare with my previous college's exam question....

this one is SO DAMN HARD !  

i'm afraid i'll FAIL this subject ~  =(

i really don't wanna resit for any subject ~

okie dokie ~

forget about it already okay ?

continue with my next topic ->

 last week i back to my hometown for 2 days ~

family & I watched HARRY POTTER ->

RATE : ★

okay, i'm not a HP fans....

so it's not really nice movie for me ~

i even skip the episode 5 & 6 ~  >.<

the movie is really LONG !

our movie start from 11.30pm until 2.00am++ ~

and it's just part 1 ONLY !

the part 2 will be release on next year JUNE i think ~

the only person that i focus on is NOT HARRY POTTER !


[she's so CUTE isn't she?] 

this is HER in episode 1 ~

and HERE is episode 7 ->

from a CUTIE girl turns to PRETTY girl ~

or some readers who haven't notice yet....

EMMA WATSON is a model fro BURBERRY ->


she look so FASHIONABLE did she ? 

so envy her neh ~  XD

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