30 November 2010

Last wednesday, me & some friends went to FAHRENHEIT 88 ~

this is the 1st time i went there ~

quite okay for me, but nothing much to buy ~


outfits for that day ->


just casual wear for that day ~

cause feel don't wanna dolled up myself ~  XP

when we talk about fahrenheir 88....

the 1st thing come to our mind is UNIQLO ->


YES! the Japanese brand!

fahrenheit become famous is because of UNIQLO ~

i still remember when uniqlo opened at fahrenheit 88 ~

many people dicuss on facebook & twitter ~

and many people blog about it ~

many friends of mine even lining up for 3 hours !!!!

in order to getting a legging or something ~  =.='''

 for me, for sure i won't lining up for those clothes ~

i rather buy them afterward ~

many people lining up is because of discount ~

okay, back to the topic ~

at first, we went to SUSHI ZANMAI for dining ->

i just having high tea ~

cause i already take my lunch at school ~

me & my friend were trying clothes at UNIQLO's fitting room ->


but we ended up withing nothing !

cause those clothes are not suit us ~

even those legging make me DAMN DISSAPOINTED !

 IDK why~ maybe my legs are too short or fatty ~  >.<

then we start walk around ~

i ended up with 2 bags of clothes->


those things cost me 130++ bucks !

that day i already mentioned don't wanna waste money ~  =.='''

i even became MEMBER in one of the shop ~  XD

x'mas is coming soon !

therefore, fahrenheit 88 have some x'mas decoration ->


 before i end the post....

imma share UNIQLO'S COMMERCIAL with you guyz ~  =]

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