8 October 2010


this is the 1st time that i found out....

the whole day don't have malaysian visited my blog ~

hmm, feel not so happy about that ~

cause i'm a malaysian ~

so i hope got at least a few malaysian check out my blog ~  =]

i saw this at my facebook's inbox a few days ago ~


well well ~

all i have to say is THANK YOU❤ 

i really APPRECIATE that ~

but i'm just an ordinary girl ~

not ACTRESS OR SINGER ~  ^_^'''

thanks again ~

but i don't think i can modeling ~

cause a few reasons ->

 1. my height's problem [i'm only 165cm]
2. i'm FAT [my waist is 26 inches]
so i think i just can do PLUS SIZE model
3. i don't have potential [not attractive at all] 
4. no one will hire me 

so....i think i just can be a ordinary person ~

 anyway, i really do appreciate y'all SUPPORT ~

your SUPPORT is my DRUG❤  XD

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