20 October 2010

so yesterday, so yesterday ~~~~

 remind me the song sang by HILARY DUFF ~ XD

last night, we din went for night market ~

cause mummy said there is too CROWD ~

so we decided went to parade ~

cause mummy said wanna take clothes that have been booked ~

when i accompany mummy went to the shop ~

suddenly i remember my mask is OUT OF STOCK !

so i quickly went to the shop & bought the mask mask ->


there are some few mask that i never try out ->


i never try for the green tea mask ~

for the aloe & pearl extract....

i ever try it, but this time is the NEW packet ~

so i try it to compare with the OLD packet ~

to check out whether it's NICE to use or not ~

i also bought 2 packet of EYE MASK ->

sis said she even try out but it's NOT WORK !

well, i don't know it's gonna work for me or not ~

cause i never use this packet before ~

what i used is another packet ~

then, because i have DOUBLE STICKER  ~

so, the staff give me a SAMPLE ->


after that, mummy said wanna have some drink ~

 so we went to STARBUCKS to take away some drinks ->

 [supper of that day  XD]

DAMN MISS that moment that me & hubby....

having STARBUCKS as hightea every week ~

that time he still haven't moved to SINGAPORE ~

speak of him....

recently he just back from PHUKET ->

 [his skin look so DARK here  >.<] 

his skin is originally dark ~

  but after he back from phuket....

his skin trun DARKER ~  >.<


thought he having fun at there already forget about me ~ =(

but he's not ~  =)

he knew i'm totally in LOVE with HELLO KITTY

so he bought a lot of hello kitty stuff for me ~

yesterday he show me about that stuff ~

i really LIKE it ~  ^.^

can't wait to get it from your hand HUBBY


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