27 October 2010

hell yeah, as i promised you guyz....

i'll try to UPDATE my dusty blog ~  =]

but start on next week ~

my blog might full of some dust ~

cause next week  is my BUSY week for academic stuff ~  >.<

so, today post : "NO WEBCAM PLEASE !!" 

why i said that ??

cause some of the guy keep asking me to open webcam !

what they means is....


are you NUTS !?

i won't SIMPLE to webcam with UNKNOWN PEOPLE ! 

i just webcam with CLOSE FRIENDS ~

that's all !!

you wanna webcam with me ?

just wait until we're CLOSE ok ?

this is  ONE of the EXAMPLE ->


oh ya !

i already uploaded some NEW pic on my 2nd account ~

feel free to CHECK IT OUT ya ~  ^^

just CLICK the link below ->

   thanks for the support ya❤  ^.^


Instagram (@shinilola)

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