11 October 2010


today imma introduce a movie....


it's an OLD movie ~

but i'm sure still have a lot of people haven't watch it ~

it's based on a actual case studies ~

 it's happened at NOME, ALASKA ~

since 1960s, a lot of people's gone, missing & even DEATH ~

but all of them are dissapear with NO REASON ~

Dr. Abigail Tyler is trying to find the reason~

this is HER ->


after those tragedy, she become like ABOVE (right) ~

pity her ~

and MILLA JOVOVICH is playing her character ->

she found out that many people at ALASKA....

are seeing a OWL during their sleep ->

but when Dr.Abigail hypnotized them....

they told her what they see is actually not an normal OWL ->


it's actually an ALIEN !!

 the alien is controlling their mind ~

and their voice is surrounded their mind ~

according to researcher, it's about 11 million people saw UFO !!

that definitely is a TREMENDOUS number !!

In the movie, Dr. Abigail said she saw SOMETHING took my baby !!

which is her lovely daughter (Ashley) ~

the Ashley's GONE ~

until now also not be found ~

this ACTUAL CASE STUDIES is on 2000 ~

for more information, please watch this movie ~

at last, what you believe is you to decide !

if you ask me, i would say i believe ~

although i never saw it with my eyes....

but that doesn't it's FAKE !

this movie is even spookier than the PARANORMAL ACTIVITY ~

which is also a movie based on a true story ~

because this movie is more truer  than the P.C ~

all of my friends knew i like to watch these kind of movie ~

 if you ask me, is it SCARY ?

i will say....

actually it's not scary ~

but one thing i can tell you is....



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