3 September 2010

well well ~

yesterday hang out with my girls ~

pei yee & kar chi❤

we hang out for jusco yesterday ~

[that day's outfits❤]



that day's make-up look is SIMPLE style ~ 

just pour some mascara then done ~

oh ya, i drive myself to there ~

ignore my driving look ~

cause i really looks UGLY when i'm driving~ XD

back to the topic ~

after i reach there, we go take lunch together ~

jusco don' have much choices to decide ~

so for sure we go for SUSHI KING ~

and i had order my favourite SAKANA BLACK PEPER❤

after we finish, we go meet our other friends ~

and, buy movie ticket ~

then, they accompany me to buy some cosmetic stuff ~

[seriously, i got collection of all the colour XD]

woo~ it's time for the movie ~

we watch VAMPIRES SUCK ~

it's a comedy movies ~

in spite the TWLIGHT's story line ~

very funny ~

although the EDWARD 'SULLEN' is not the EWARD 'CULLEN' ~

but still, he's handsome for me too ~  XD

after that, we sit down and chit-chating with another friends ~

all of us are secondary schoolmates / classmates ~

especially kar chi, she's the one who sit right beside me ~

but during form 5, she already change to kl school ~

then i never see her anymore ~  >.<

this time can met her again ~

happy happy ~  =]

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