4 September 2010

today post is related to make-up stuff❤

as  we known....

nowadays even small little girl like 12 years old....

already start make-up her face ~

for my generation, i only started make-up when i was 17 ~  ^_^'''

make-up is not the bad thing ~

like some professional or services job ~

they requires you to make-up during the working hours ~

because it consider the manner for the job ~

but, if too much make-up on the face ~

it's not good at all ~

but mentioned here first....

this post din talk about which girl....

so no offense for all pretty girls ok ??

just a simple post that i wanna express ~  

PEACE~~~~  ^.^V

for me, im not the person who totally without make-up ~

just simple as well ~

like FAKE eyelashes, i only use them when i'm haivng event ~

normally i'll pour mascara on my eyelashes ~

cause i'm prefer original ~  XD

some girl that i saw....

they wearing the FAKE eyelashes everytime they hang out ~

even go to the night market (pasar malam) ~

they also wearing it ~  

haiz....[sign] ~

according to the professional make-up researcher ~

you know which cosmetic tool is the BEST ??

BB cream? FAKE eyelashes?

nope nope ~

guess what !?

is the lipgross or lip stick ~

trust me, just a simple lipgross can make you looks so GLAMOROUS❤

so if you're rushing to hang out ~

but din apply any make-up at all ~

just simply use a lipgross, then you'll become really PRETTY ~

nowadays, guy's thinking are HUGE different with previous ~

they wanna to find a PURE look girlfriend ~

they don't wanna find a girl with pretty make-up ~

but after remove the make-up will make them SHOCK ~

over make-up is BAD for our healthy too ~

cause cosmetic contains of a lot of chemical ~

and it will diffuse in our skin ~

but, if you are the one who over make-up....

it's ok~ go on ~

it's not wrong to do that ~

i just give my opinion here ~

as i said, no offense ~  =]

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