20 September 2010

well, it's SATURDAY NIGHT again ~

we went AKA MOMIJI Japanese restaurant to take our dinner❤

at first, we thought can book a room ~

but it's saturday, so all the room are fulled ~  >.<

then we decided to take at outside ~

i means normal seat ~

daddy is the one who order many foods to eat ~

especially salmon & oyster, make all of us so DAMN FULL ~

after that, we went to jusco to watch movie ~


as you guyz known, i already watch it with my HUBBY❤

but i don't wanna stay alone at home ~

so imma watch with my family ~  ^^

and once again, 'ALICE' (MILLA JOVOVICH) is so cool !

although she's a mummy ~

but it's never affect her performance ~

but, if you think she's just cool ~

then you're WRONG !!

she's actually SEXY too ~

wanna take a look ??

go GOOGLE it ~  XD

my sister is seat left beside me ~

during the movie, she keep covering her ears ~

cause she said she's afraid of the sounds of the ZOMBIES ~

LOL ~~~~ XD

her action is keep me laughing ~

she knew i already watched it ~

so she keep asking me 'this part got zombies appear?'

but i din answer her ~

cause imma let her know what is the SURPRISES ~ XD

oh ya !

before we went for the movie ~

we went to BASKIN ROBBINS to order ice-cream cake ~

cause daddy birthday is coming soon ~ =]

then, mummy bought me a NEWIE bra ~

and YES! it's leopard pattern again ~

recently i'm in love with leopard pattern bra ~

last time i bought 2 set at kl ~

1 is pink & 1 is brown ~

and this time is grey colour ~

LOL~ love it
after the movie end, is about 12am something ~

then we went back home & sleep tight❤  ^.^

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