17 September 2010

today tutorial is about how to make a cutie hairstyle ~

feel bored about your current hairstyle ?

but don't wanna tie up your hair ?

wanna stay cute ?

this hairstyle is totally suitable for you then ~ =]

so now, let the pics to start the talking --->

at first, you got to need this kind of pins ->
probably 3 pins is enough ~

then you need to pin your fringe like this ->

no need too neat, kinda messy will be looks nicer ~  

then, you need a ribbon pin->

please choose cutie style ~

what i means is choose girlish colour ~

like bright pinky, blue, violet, red & etc ~ =]

then just pin it on your fringe ->


then you are DONE !!

overall will become like this ->

interested? go TRY IT NOW !! 

hope you guyz will enjoy my tutorial ~~~~  =]

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