13 September 2010

last sunday, we went to my auntie house ~

to early celebrate MOONCAKE FESTIVAL ~

seriously, i really don't know the exact date of the festival ~

i just early celebrate it with them ~  

LOL ~~~~

[that day's outfits❤]

we're eating steamboat ~

so i just casual wear ~

[that day's make-up❤]

hell yeah, din put any make-up at all ~

just pour some toner & lipgross ~  =]

oh ya! that day i just polish my nails ~

cause hubby is coming back to malaysia ~

so i need to make myself more pretty ~ XD
 [trying my latest colour]
[even toe nails are PINKY too❤]

after i finish my dinner ~

i accompany my lil cutie cousin play lantern ~

 [here they are~]

or should i said i play it for myself ??  XD

there have many different kind of lantern--->

for me, for sure i'll choose for MICKEY❤

the most famous one ~  XD

we also play some fireworks & candle too ~

i teach them how to make candle PIZZA ~  XD

and guyz, guess what is it --->

they are shadow of the MICKEY & WINNIE THE POOH lantern ~

i love the MICKEY one ~

we play until about 1am ~

then we back to our home ~

woo~ sometime celebrate event with cousin is FUN too ~  =]

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