KL - DAY 1❤

3 August 2010

yippee ~~~~

go kl shopping again luh ~

i even purposely polished my nails ~


then, just waiting sis & her bf fetch me to kl ~

 [take it while on the way]

we take our lunch at the car ~

which is BURGER KING ~

the drive-thru services are very BAD !

after we reach, we went to sis's bf house ~

saw my dear priscelia & her friend CHANWON ~

met new friend again ~

and for sure, my dear PRISCELIA ~

then for awhile, we went to low yat, times square, sg.wang & pavilion ~

DAMN it !!

that whole day just keep raining ~

make us looks very WET !!  >.<

bought some stuff there ~

and many more....

i'm so in love with PAVILION !!

no wonder sis always shopping at there ~  =]

we just keep shopping there ~

until evening, we take our dinner at kuchailama ~

keep chit-chating at there too ~  

LOL~~~~  XD

   that night me & chanwon stay overnight at priscelia's house ~

and cutie her keep remind me drink more water ~  ^^


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