23 August 2010

well well ~

as you guyz known....

ipoh is a boring place ~

thus, yesterday was a boring sunday again ~

we went to ipoh parade ~

i means....where else we can go in ipoh ??  ^_^'''

that day's outfits ~

as you guyz already known....

my fringe have been cut since last month ~

it was really UGLY for me ~

and my NEW contact lens are not suitable for taking pic ~

PLUS, im getting fattier & chubbier ~ 

so i seldom take pic & upload new photo on my facebook ~

you guyz can check out the pic above ~

all of them are taken by far far away angle ~

i'm really not dare to take a close angle of me....

in case make you all SHOCK ~  >.<


will back to KL soon ~

see ya

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