15 July 2010

the moment together with HUBBY is the BEST

cause he always let me bully !  

LOL~~~~  XD

jusr kidding ~

on tuesday, i hang out with hubby ~

we went to jusco ~

[that day's outfits♥]

it's the 1st time take hubby's PUMA bag for hang out ~

love it DAMN much ~

thanks ya lovely hubby

at first, we thought wanna buy couple cap ~

but the colour that i chosen is so girlish ~
[i wanna choose this colour long time ago]

so hubby choose other colour ~

thus, the mission that buy couple cap is FAILED~  >.<

never mind hubby, next time will be ~  ^^

the colour that hubby chosen is VIOLET colour ~

nice for him ~  XD

after that, it's MOVIE TIME !!!!

actually hubby said wanna watch TWILIGHT with me ~

cause he said it's romantic to watch with me ~

but as you guyz known....

i already watched it ~

so finally we chosen PREDATOR ~

actually don't know it's part 3 or what ~

cause i ever watched part 1 & 2 since i was a kid ~

but this, seem no related story ~  >.<

after the movie, we went for do facial ~

already make appointment since last week ~
 cutie hubby said haven't ever try it ~ XD

so i do facial with him ~  

we done it at my auntie's shop ~
[capture it at auntie's shop] 

at night, we go 'YUM CHA' with hubby & friends ~

keep chit-chating with them ~

about 12am midnight ~

the staff keep rushing us to paid the bills ~  XD

then we only back home ~

on wednesday, which is on yesterday ~

we hang out again ~

cause that day is my brithday & hubby will going back on that night ~

[that day's outfits]

we went to parade ~ 

take our lunch at SUSHI KING ~

then hubby accompany me buy mask again ~

recently face seem so unhealthy ~

need to take care more ~  >.<

hubby went back to singapore again ~

for sure, i don't wanna him to go back ~

but i don't have choice ~

i'm already started to miss him ~

remember take care ah hubby ~

you are having flu now ~



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