20 July 2010

hey guyz, i went to kl again on monday ~

cause i need to arrange my college stuff ~

during waiting for my friend to fetch me ~

i feel so DAMN boring !!

so i using wed cam to take some pics---->
  [my hair looks like FAKE hair >.<]
[recently in love with this pose♥]
[i hate my FATTY look >.<]
so sorry if my face make you SHOCK !

cause that moment my face is without any make-up ~

and contact lens too ~  

so my face looks UGLY here ~  >.<'''

after finish my stuff at college ~

we go 'yum cha' at MCD ~

some of us take lunch at there too ~

after that, my friend fetch me home ~

i prepare some stuf, wearing my NEW contact lens ~
[seem so UNNATURAL  ^_^''']

then i go out again ~

this time is galz's turn ~

PRISCELIA come fetch me ~

we go STATION 1 yum cha again ~

we take our dinner at there too ~

when i'm seeing her body shape....

so DAMN ENVY neh ~

she's really skinny ~

not like me, FATTY FATTY ~  >.<

i hope i can be her ~

we keep chit-chating there ~

she really cutie ~

cause she talking skills are really SPECIAL ~


pity she....cause after she fetch me home ~

she still need to take exam ~  >.<

GOOD LUCK for her ~~~~

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